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Not sure how to resolve a conflict in the workplace?

Consulting a mediator for work-related disputes can help to resolve conflicts without having to go through a lengthier and more tiring processes. ​ For example, when facing unfair dismissal, employees can take their matter to the Employment Tribunal.


However, a mediator can help you arrive at an amicable outcome with your employer without the matter going to an employment tribunal. ​ This saves both parties time, money and unnecessary emotional distress.

Concerned about losing your job?

If you are concerned that you may lose your job, take the fear and stress out of challenging unfair treatment at work, or, facing a disciplinary hearing by seeking mediation.


Mediation can prevent you from losing your job by helping you secure working conditions that are agreeable to you and your employer.

 Young Woman Contemplating

The benefits of
having a mediator?

So, how can

mediation help?

Mediation should be considered before thinking of going to court for the following reasons;

No need to

go to court

More control

over the process

Cheaper than


Faster outcome

& resolution

Alternative outcomes/solutions

Confidentiality & discretion

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

It may feel like you're the only one in the world going through this, but trust us, there are probably others dealing with a similar situation too.

I hate conflict, but I knew I needed to do something. I didn't know who I could trust or what the best option was.

I’ve worked here for over 15 years, then when a new manager came in, they had it in for me and it felt like everyone was against me,

I had almost lost hope that I wouldn't be paid, and didn't have the money to go down the legal/solicitors route to make a case.


Case Study

Below we've written up a case study of one of our clients, to clearly show you the process from beginning to end.


Please note, all names used in these scenarios are fictional characters as the real names of clients are protected by our policy of confidentiality.


Marjorie worked for a chain of hotels making sure that the kitchens and restaurants were cleaned at the end of each day. She notified the owner that she had evidence there were rodents on the premises. Two weeks later Marjorie notified her employer that she was unable to enter two of the premises because the number of rodents had increased making it impossible for her to do her job. A few days later Marjorie's employment was terminated and she was not paid any wages for that month despite her calls to HR.


Marjorie decided to seek some help, as she had no idea what to do. A friend told her she should take them to an employment tribunal. Marjorie was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the information she found online about the law, finding a representative, the costs and the length of time this would take, as she had now fallen behind with the rent and her time was taken up looking for a new job.


By chance she found some information about mediation and decided to seek out her local mediator. The mediator explained both the tribunal process and the mediation process. Marjorie wanted this sorted out as soon as possible to keep her costs low, so asked the mediator to speak with her employer.


Since the matter had been resolved through mediation there was no longer a need for the matter to go before an Employment Tribunal.

The mediator got the employer to engage with the mediation process that enabled Marjorie's wages to be paid in full.

Joanne Phillips Mediation can assist with employment matters such as this, including matters concerning not being paid for work you have done. As well as issues arising between businesses.

Pricing & Enquiries

Every client, situation and problem has its own individual, complex needs, so before we talk pricing, we like to give you a FREE Consultation to better understand your needs and how we can best support you.
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