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School Mediation


How to resolve a matter arising at school’

Helping’ in front of the current text and ‘find a solution that has the children’s best interests at heart. Where a dispute has arisen between students at school, or, between a teacher and a student, an independent Mediator, rather than another teacher, can be more effective at arriving at an amicable solution.


The mediator ensures the process is unbiased and non-judgemental, giving all parties the confidence to speak up. This is particularly effective for students, who feel safe to speak up, especially where the dispute is between a teacher and a student. They feel safe to speak up, especially where there is a dispute between a teacher and a student.

The benefits of having a mediator?

Mediators create a neutral environment to facilitate meetings to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone is treated equally. So all parties attending the meeting, teacher, student and parents, feel like they have been heard and their concerns addressed.


As the solution reached accurately reflects their concerns, they have a practical resolution they can all work with.

"My daughter is so much happier now that she has been able to return to her school'

School Mediation Case Study

Jade was in the last year of her High School education. She had been complaining to her parents that her teacher did not like her and that she had been excluded from attending classes with the other students. Her parents were alarmed and upset and sought the assistance of a mediator as they had unsuccessfully tried to speak to someone at the school.


The mediator contacted the school and arranged a meeting on the school’s premises with their daughter’s form teacher and the deputy head teacher. Jade’s parents, Mr and Mrs Cruz, did not have English as their first language and requested an interpreter’s attendance at the meeting.

During the meeting Mr and Mrs Cruz expressed their concerns and the deputy head teacher explained that Jade had got into a fight with one of the other students, had been disruptive during lessons and her grades had significantly dropped. They had sent letters to Mr and Mrs Cruz to discuss their plans to place Jade in a much smaller class with a teacher that specialised in working with individual children to give her the support that she needed. The form teacher told them she was pleased with Jade’s progress as her grades had already begun to improve.


Mediation helped Jade’s parents to understand what was happening with Jade’s education and helped the teachers to ensure that all future communication was with the assistance of an interpreter.

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