Not sure how to resolve

a school dispute?

Where there is conflict between children at school, an independent Mediator, other than the teachers, can be more effective at arriving at an amicable solution, because the children feel they are getting a fair hearing by someone who knows nothing about them, so they have no fears of anything they say in confidence being shared with other teachers afterwards.


They feel safe to speak up, especially where there is a dispute between a teacher and a student. 

The benefits of

having a mediator?

An external Mediator makes sure that the child’s voice gets heard and is not drowned out by the teacher’s, by ensuring that they are both treated with equal importance.


This makes both teacher and student feel like they have been heard and their concerns addressed, therefore, more likely to stick to any agreement made to resolve their matter. 

"My daughter is so much happier now that she has been able to return to her school'
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