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Victim Offender


Not sure how to move on after an incident?’

With the assistance of Victim Offender Mediation (VOM), both parties to a crime can begin to resolve their inner conflict and construct their own approach to achieving justice to bring them closer to an inner peace.


Through mediation people involved in a life changing event have an opportunity to take a deep breath and step back, to address those fears and emotions that have had the effect of holding them back from living their lives.


Mediation provides that safe space to allow you to make that emotional transition, so you can begin the process of letting go and moving on. Both parties are given the opportunity to explain their perception of what happened and to express how it makes them feel.

The benefits of having a mediator?

A mediator provides that safe environment to facilitate meetings and to make sure your voice is heard. A mediator can help you to reach a place where you can leave those matters in the past and walk into your future.


The meeting gives offenders and victims the chance to discuss the offence and the consequences, with a view to considering what else can be done to repair the harm caused.

"I am so glad that I met you. Mediation has helped me to get my life back.'

Victim Offender Mediation Case Study

Paul had his wallet stolen when he was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground. Since the attack Paul had become frightened to leave his home in case he was attacked again.It gave him nightmares which left him tired from lack of sleep, depressed and very jumpy and he stopped going out.

Although he did not see who attacked him, the CCTV footage caught the incident on camera and a teenage boy was arrested and charged with the offence. The boy, Andrew, was 14 years of age and told the police that he was forced to attack the man by members of a gang and that he had not done anything like that before.


The Victim Support Team, who kept in contact with Paul since the incident, suggested that for Paul to regain control of his life he should face his attacker in mediation.

The Police sought the services of a Mediator, with the consent of both Paul and Andrew. The mediation sessions provided a safe environment for Paul see that his attacker was only a young boy and not a faceless man; and for Andrew to see how his actions had changed Paul life.


As a result of the mediation sessions Paul’s nightmares stopped and he was able to start rebuilding his confidence and Andrew did not return to crime.

Mediation is now considered when imposing sentences for first time offenders to deter them from re-offending.. Joanne Phillips Mediation can assist both the victim and offender find peace of mind.

*All names used in these scenarios are fictional characters as the real names of clients are protected by our policy of confidentiality.

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