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Landlord Mediation


Not sure how to resolve a tenancy dispute?

No need to consider commencing eviction proceedings for unpaid rent, or, for tenants to fear the threat of becoming homeless. Choose mediation to get things back on track. Disputes often arise between landlords and tenants on issues such as repairs, service charges, rent, or/and leases, just to name a few.


​ ‘No landlord wants months of unpaid rent, or court costs and no tenant wants their family facing the threat of eviction, or, worse being made homeless.’ ​ Delete the rest of the sentence after the word ‘outcome’. These can surface and spiral out of control very quickly, becoming very complicated and expensive.


Whether you are a Landlord or tenant you both have rights. A mediator can help both sides come to a resolution and offer both parties a mutually satisfactory outcome to disputes that affect the landlord’s investment opportunities and the tenant’s livelihood.

The benefits of having a mediator?

Working with a mediator greatly enhances the potential for a mutually beneficial result for all parties. It focuses attention on keeping the channels of communication open and rebuilding trust and relationships.


Mediators avoid taking sides or making judgements, they simply develop effective communications and building consensus between the parties.

“Thank you for helping us. I didn’t know what was going to happen to us. I thought we would end up homeless on the streets with the children.”

Landlord Mediation Case Study


Raheem and Noura lived as tenants with their two children, 5 and 3 years of age, in a 2 bedroom house for three years. Their landlord instructed his letting agents to tell the family that they wanted their property back and that the family needed to leave as soon as possible.


Their landlord instructed the letting agents to ask them to leave the property as soon as possible. They found out that the value of the property had gone up and their landlord wanted them out so he could refurbish the property for sale.’


After calling the police and several hours on the phone with the letting agents, they managed to stop the locksmith.  The letting agents then started calling the couple at all hours of the day and night, asking them when they would leave.

Raheem and Noura contacted a mediator to help them speak with the landlord to resolve the situation. The Mediator called the landlord to arrange a meeting.  Although the landlord was abroad he did agree to a telephone meeting with the mediator and the couple.


During this meeting the mediator explained to the landlord that his harassment of the family was illegal as Raheem and Noura had a valid tenancy agreement so they had a right to stay in the property until the tenancy ended.


The landlord finally agreed to stop harassing the family and the family agreed to start looking for alternative accommodation to move to in preparation for when their tenancy agreement expired in 3 months time.

Joanne Phillips Mediation can also assist you to resolve disputes with your landlord concerning rent arrears.

*All names used in these scenarios are fictional characters as the real names of clients are protected by our policy of confidentiality.

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