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Neighbour Mediation


Not sure how to resolve a neighbour dispute?

Helping neighbours amicably resolve issues such as noise nuisance or boundary disputes. No matter how hard we may try to get along with our neighbours, some of us will, at some point, end up having a disagreement. ​ Issues arising around with noise, pet nuisance, parking issues, anti-social behaviour (both by adults and children) or boundary disputes can all be discussed with a mediator to reach a solution.


They will be completely impartial about any particular issue and will listen to both sides to try to come up with some kind of mutually acceptable agreement.

The benefits of having a mediator?

A mediator is not there to judge, adjudicate, investigate or to advise. They are simply there to facilitate a solution which ultimately both parties can agree to. They will also treat your case with full confidentiality.


Therefore, if you simply cannot see a resolution to a dispute between you and your neighbour, mediation is often the best way to get the issue resolved.

"Things between us are much better now. At least we are more civil to one another when we meet. Thank you for your help."

Neighbour Mediation Case Study


Philippa has lived at her address for over 40 years and had no problem with her neighbour that she shared a drive with until her neighbour passed away and a new family moved in.


The shared drive ran between their properties and allowed both neighbours to drive on it to get to their drives in front of their homes.


The new family used the shared drive by parking four cars on it preventing Philippa from being able to drive her car on and off her drive via the shared drive. This caused daily arguments. Both neighbours claiming that they were right.

With the help of a Mediator, a neutral environment was provided that allowed them to meet and discuss how they felt.


Before the meeting the mediator reviewed the relevant documentation stating the rights they each had concerning the shared drive.


They reached an agreement that neither of them should park on the shared drive. With this matter out of the way the neighbours became friends.

Joanne Phillips Mediation can also assist with other neighbour disputes such as a noisy neighbour disturbing you at all hours of the day and night, or, even if your neighbour believes you have wrongly placed your fence on the boundary between your properties.

*All names used in these scenarios are fictional characters as the real names of clients are protected by our policy of confidentiality.

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