What is mediation?

If you are having trouble resolving an issue then mediation could be your answer.

Mediation is an informal yet structured process in which a neutral person called a mediator,

helps people caught in a dispute, to resolve the issue.


Mediation should be considered before thinking of going to court for the following reasons;

  • It does not take place in court

  • It is cheaper than paying solicitors and finally paying for the court process

  • It is a quicker process

  • It allows you more opportunities to explore possible solutions

  • It gives you more control of the whole process.

Family Mediation

Married, or, cohabiting couples concerning divorce, property distribution and issues around children of the family. Also, where disputes arise between parents and their children.

Neighbour Mediation

Between neighbours

School Mediation

Between parents their children and teachers, and between students.

Workplace Mediation

Consulting a mediator for work-related disputes can help to resolve conflicts without having to go through a lengthier and more tiring processes.

Landlord Mediation

Disputes arising between tenants and landlords.

Crime Mediation

Between victim and offender.

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